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Digital Microfilm Storage

microfilmCrats Infotech Provides Secured Permanent Storage Solution for Your Valuable Digitally Born Data & Hard Copy Storage.

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What your records need?

  • 100% Security of Valuable Records
  • Safe Physical Permanent Storage
  • Less Space to be Used for Storage
  • No Technology Migration Problems
  • Recommended Solution by ISO, ANSI, BSI and Manual of Office Procedures in India
  • Easy and Fast retrieval from Voluminous Records

Is digital storage the best?

  • Best Storage System for Instant Access of Records
  • Easy to Access Throughout the Network & Web
  • Least Space Used for Record Storage
  • Best Digital Storage Media
    • Magnetic Tape Drives
    • NAS
    • SAN
  • Not Reliable for Permanent Storage

Defects of digital storage

  • Digital data is a Invisible Data made up of (+/-) charges
  • Easy data loss due to its venerable features like virus & hacking which is the most important concern today
  • Continuous software & hardware technology migration has caused major loss of data across the globe
  • Media gets easily affected by light rays, electric field, magnetic field, friction, scratches etc.

Permanent storage solution

  • Storage of Records in Digital Microform Media
  • Hard & Visible Physical storage
  • Tested & Recommended by International Agencies
  • Lab tests confirms Storage (500 years life)
  • Needs 95% less space
  • Storage in 2 different location ensures 100% safety
  • Free from technology migration problems
  • Safe from Hackers, Viruses & Manipulation
  • Accepted in all courts of Law

Media Life

Microfilm Roll Storage

Digital & Analog Microfilming Process

Media used for Microfilm Roll Conversion:

  • 16mm Microfilm Roll – A5, A4, A3 & A2 Size Originals
  • 35mm Microfilm Roll – A5 to A0 Size Originals

Length of roll, Frames per Medium, Sizes of Original:

  • 16mm – 30.1 Meter roll, 2400 frames per roll, A5 – A2 Size
  • 35mm – 30.1 Meter roll, 680 frames per roll, A5 - A0 Size

Filming Services we provide:

Negative Master, Positive Master Positive Duplicate, Negative Duplicatec Frame Name, Frame Number, 3 Level Blip


CRATS uses the latest Digital Microfilm Archive Writer

  • 16 mm microfilm conversion & 35mm microfilm conversion
  • Crats is the first in India to bring the Digital Microfilm Convertor Technology for 16mm and 35mm microfilm roll from SMA Germany. We ensure high quality microfilms, Digital raster processed, uniform frames and each roll with uniform density. We provide or recommend density to be between 0.9 - 1.1 & MBT less than 0.005 mg per sq. inch which will ensure permanent storage of records.


SMA 51
  • Silver Halide Microfilm Roll
  • Negative Microfilming Roll - 16mm & 35mm
  • 35mm 680 Frames/Roll
  • 16mm 2400 Frames/Roll
  • Positive Microfilming Roll - 16mm & 35mm
  • Speed of conversion- 1200/hr

Duplication of Film

Silver Duplication MachineRB 70 m Silver Microfilm Duplicating
Silver Duplication Machine
Positive Duplication
Negative Duplication
1000 ft roll
100 ft roll

Digital Microfiche Storage

SMA 105
  • Accepts both digitally born data & Scanned images
  • Speed – 1200 – 3000 Images/hr
  • Fully Automatic Digital Convertor
  • Fully Automatic Inbuilt Processor
  • Easy to Store voluminous records
  • Easy to access from Microfiches
  • Permanent Storage – life above 500 Years
  • Raster Processed Images
  • Automatic Indexing using file name & number
  • Uniform density through out the fiche produced
  • Formats TIFF, PDF, JPEG, doc, xls etc.

SMA 105 Microfiche Convertor

Images per Fiche

Zoom Ratio Number of Images
24 x 98
35x 186
40x 288
50x 380
52x 398
Knowledge Centre
  • Why Microfilm?
  • Digital Vs Microfilm
  • Microfilm in India
  • History of Microfilm

All documents which needs preservation for above 5 Years needs to be microfilmed [click here]

Microfiche SampleMicrofiche Storage can be used for:

  • Any document of Size – A4, A3 & A2
  • Books
  • Government Records
  • Manuals & Documents
  • Manuscripts
  • Bank Records
  • LIC Records
  • Journals
  • Thesis
  • News Papers
  • R&D Records
  • Medical Research

Storage of Microform

Things to take careMicroform Storage

  1. Temperature: 18 – 21 degree C
  2. Humidity: 40 (+/- 5)
  3. MBT: 0.014 g/m sq
  4. Density: 0.9 – 1.1

Microfiches stored in Boxes

Microfilm Stored in Boxes
  • Ensure films are not accessed frequently
  • Access only Digital Images only access microfilm when the digital images are not accessible
  • Access from duplicate films if available to retrieve back to digital storage
  • Store Microfilm in 2 Geographically different locations to ensure absolute storage safety
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